3C Toolbox Pro APK

3C Toolbox Pro Cracked APK is a unique application in which there is a complete set of tools for controlling and monitoring any android devices. Using this application, you can perform a clean reboot, enable and disable network adapters, automatically back up installed applications, monitor system status using on-screen widgets, view an SDcard, read kernel data, task manager, close applications automatically when there is insufficient memory. CPU tuning and other useful features. 

A set of 3C Toolbox functions:

• Processor control profiles and device status
• Application management
• Full control over the system
• Detailed battery settings

Manager of your device *
• Work profiles (CPU, IO, other components)
• Task scheduler (application management, tail cleaning, itd)
• Automatic activation of profiles
• Setting energy saving profiles

File Manager *
• Support commands: copy / paste, archive, move
• Select permissions and permissions for files / folders
• Access Samba service. 

Application Manager *
• Backup and restore text messages and call logs 
• Delete system applications 
• Backup applications to email. mail, DropBox, GDrive, etc. ... 
Moving applications to internal memory / SD card 
• Freezing / defrosting applications, and control over their launch. 
• Alignment zip, clearing the cache, editing permissions for applications 
• Control for notifications. Lock apps by password, screen orientation. 
• Standby statistics (viewing applications that eat your battery) 

Network Manager
• Setting priorities for a WiFi access point 
• Setting up a firewall, TCP, DNS servers * Process Manager

• Checking processor, RAM, and Internet load; 
• Closing or forcibly closing selected applications or kernel processes 
• Taskkiller, accelerator, and memory cleaner 

System Management
• Control over frequency and voltage of GPU, CPU 
• Editor build.prop and sysctl advanced modes) 
• Accelerate, analyze and evaluate the status of the SD card 
• Android memory manager 
• Control over fsync, gamma, sweep2wake, as well as over-charge charging 
• Restore default values from this application or recovery and restore CPU settings for bootlup 

Monitoring the system
• Monitoring of all applications and processes, battery, processor, Internet network, RAM 
• Detailed configuration of WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN 

Status bar notifications
• Notifications about battery status, CPU load, RAM, SD card, temperature devices 
• Displaying the remaining battery charge at the bottom or top of the screen 
• Replacing stock battery icons 

Customizable widgets
• Resizing widget 
• 1x1 and 2x1 (in PRO version) text widgets 
• 2x1-5x2 graphic widgets (in PRO version) 
• 1x1 and 4x1-1x4 widgets switches (in PRO version) * 
• 4x4 to Complex widgets (in PRO version) 

Switches (Customized)
• Localization GPS, WiFi
• the WiFi, search for Bluetooth devices, APN, NFC, Flight Mode 
• Access Point (the USB, the WiFi, Bluetooth) 
• Brightness, timeout OFF screen, flashlight 
• Selecting ringer mode 
• Debug (on WiFi), restart the 

Terminal Emulator & Scripting
• History commands 
• Running scripts when turning on the device 
• Viewing scripts and commands 

Reading system logs
• Reading Logcat and messages from the kernel 
• Advanced search capabilities 

* - For stable operation, you need root and kernel support (kernel)

Version changes:
• Various bug fixes and improvements

Download File 

ATTENTION! You should not use those settings that you have no idea about. The author of the application is not responsible for any problems with the device, as a result of working with the application. Enjoy using it! 

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