All-In-One Offline Maps Plus 3.2 build 80 Cracked APK

Tired of waiting for the maps to load online? Use All-In-One OfflineMaps Cracked APK ! After downloading the maps remain in the program and are always available even without an internet connection. 

• Do you need more than just roads on a map? Everything you need is here; 
• Do you often travel where there is no internet or poor quality network coverage? Everything you need to navigate will be available to you; 
• Do you often visit unfamiliar places? You will never get lost; 
• Do you have restrictions on traffic (download)? The program will minimize this. 

• A large number of maps are available, including classic road maps, topographic maps, satellite maps and various layers that can be added to each map: OpenStreetMap (roads, topographic), USGS national maps (high resolution topographic maps, satellite maps), Soviet military topographic maps (General Staff, GosGiscenter, etc.), various regional topographic maps, including Europe, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, etc. 
• All maps can be opened (added) in the form of layers, it is possible to adjust the transparency, color and saturation of each layer. 
• Choose and save to your device any parts of the map quickly and easily. 
• Saved map parts are always available offline and can be easily deleted if necessary.

Display, save and load an unlimited number of tags
• You can add a different number of tags, such as waypoints, icons, routes, map areas, tracks. 
• You can easily manage them using the built-in tag explorer. 

GPS positioning
• Your current location and direction are displayed on a map, which can be rotated in motion to improve orientation on the terrain (depending on the device). 
• Quick and easy on / off GPS positioning for economical operation of the device. 

In addition:
• Metric, British, and hybrid distance units;
• Latitude / Longitude, coordinate grid formats (UTM, MGRS, USNG, OSGB, Irish, Swiss, Lambert, DFCI, QTH Maidenhead Locator System, etc.); 
• Ability to import hundreds of coordinate formats from 
• Display the grid on the map; 
• Full screen map view; 
• Scaling the map with a pinch, double tap. 

The Plus version includes all the features of the standard version, does not contain ads, and supports importing professional GPS and geographic tag files such as GPX, Google Earth KML / KMZ, Ozi Explorer WPT / PLT, CVS / TSV, and LOC geocaching.

all in one offline maps plus APK

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