AMC Security. Clean & Boost Pro 5.9.11 Cracked APK

AMC Security Cracked APK is an all-in-one mobile security and acceleration app for Android phones and tablets. It helps to optimize and speed up RAM, clean up unnecessary files and cache, improve the performance of your devices. AMC Security also provides real-time protection against malware and phishing sites, protecting your mobile privacy and payment security. 

• One-Click Cleaning and Optimization 
• Phone and Game Acceleration 
• Powerful Acceleration 
• Battery Preservation 
• Security Protection 
• Payment Security 
• Anti-Phishing 
• Anti-Theft 
• Surfing Security 
• Privacy 
Lock • Call / SMS Blocking 
• Application Manager 
• Simple and user-friendly interface 
• Call protection 
• AMC Swipe 

Scan and Clean
AMC Security offers two types of scans to optimize and free up more memory on your phone. Intelligent one-click scanning will help to clear all caches, private records, residual files, unnecessary APK files and kill running applications. Deep scan additionally cleans large files, downloaded files and thumbnail files, increasing device performance to the highest level. 

Phone Accelerator
Helps with one-touch kill applications running in the background and clear RAM (memory) to speed up your device. 

Game Accelerator
Improves the speed of games and helps to play without hanging. 

Powerful Acceleration
Accelerates auto-restarting applications to free up more memory. 

Saving battery
Original and Advanced modes, Day and Night modes will help to save the additional battery charge of the phone. 

Service IObit Cloud presents a plugin that is updated in real time, so that whenever you access a site that is defined as phishing, it will help you protect yourself from tricks. 

Will help you block and immediately turn on the siren on the lost device by sending an 'alarm #' message and password from any other device. You can also destroy the data remotely, if the above method could not find the device. 

Payment Protection
Helps in recognizing fake applications, so that you can remove them before the money is stolen. After you start the payment application, it will protect you all the time in the background. 

Surf Protection
Block websites that contain malware, malicious URLs and fraudulent content, and an instant alert from the IObit Cloud Service if a danger arises. 

Reminds you to turn on Wi-Fi Security to check Wi-Fi's encryption method, ARP spoofing and even MITM. It will also consider other important device parameters and give safety tips. 

Block Calls / SMS
Block unwanted or unwanted calls and spam messages. 

Privacy lock
Protects your privacy and your data from prying eyes. 

Application Manager
Manage all applications and apk files to make more storage available.

AMC Security. Clean & Boost Pro 5.9.11 for ARM (10.5 MB) 

AMC Security. Clean & Boost Pro 5.9.11 for X86 (10.7 MB): 

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